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Delta Air Lines is the world’s largest airline and is based in the United States. It operates domestic and international scheduled services all over the world, from North and South America to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Do you have a problem with your checkin, luggage, flight, baggage, cargo, credit card or ticket? Are you searching for Delta Air Lines contacts and phone numbers?

You can find many solutions to resolve complaints, cancelled flight, delay etc.. on the company website, but, if you prefer, you can contact your local phone number:

United States

Customer services for all Skymiles Medallion members

49 (0)1 805 805 872
43 (0) 820 951 001
32 (0)70 300 872
45 823 32 721
353 (0)818 904 872
39 02 3859 10 87
34 902 810 872
46 (0)8 5199 2216
41 848 000 872
The Netherlands
31 (0) 20 721 9128
(90) 212 310 19 99
44 871 22 11 222

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Alex Mikhalyuk on marzo 18th, 2011 at 16:45 #

I was very upset about the way I was treated at Berlin (Tegel-TXL) airport last Sunday.

I was flying from Berling to New York (JFK) airport >> flight #: DL0079.
I was not able to bring one of the bags back home just becase I was told that someone made a mistake at Columbus airport. The person I spoke with was Buni Heile – Customer Services Supervisor. She said she is not going to make this mistake again and I have to either pay 55 euros or leave the bag at the airport. I explained to Buni that the credit card I have (American Express) allows me to have one extra bag for free and Delta representative did check my card in Columbus and that’s why I was able to bring one extra bag for free.
Mrs. Heile kept saying that she cannot let me have one extra bag for free because it was a mistake that had been made in Columbus and I have to pay for the bag or leave it in Berlin. I believe, even if there was a mistake that had been made in Columbus airport, why should I leave the bag or have to pay for the baggage? If it was Delta’s mistake, Delta representative should fix the problem. I am not one of those who likes to argue or complain. I don’t like conflicts and try to avoid them. In this situation I believe the customer service was unacceptable!
I fly a lot and I use mostly Delata and I am disapointed with the way customers are treated… later, I was given a plane ticket and it turned out to be a ticket for one seat with another guy.. another person got the same seat number.
In JFK airport, there were more plane tickets sold than there were seats in the plane so there were announcements for volunteers to fly to another destination with compensation…

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