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The Allstate Corporation, founded in 1931, is one of the largest american insurance companies, it provides many services: life, health, property (home, condominium etc..), sports, auto, motorcycle and business.

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Sara on settembre 24th, 2010 at 08:04 #

Better Phone number to reach allstate at 877-233-0020

bentley martin on settembre 24th, 2010 at 23:02 #

i want to state a comment about a recent accident and how it is being handled.
my girlfriend has had allstate insurance for years, she was involved in an accident and hit by a person running late for school. he was totally at fault!!!! by investigation my girlfriend was put at fault 25%!?!?
she was proceeding throughan intersection and was hit by another allstate insured driver. the accident happened 15 days ago and we still have not got our truck repaired!!!!!! the agent/adjuster in beaumont texas was very ugly with her and told her basicly she was a lier, that she changed her story 3 times. i thought allstate was one of the best insurance companies in the business prior to this accident. the vechile that was wrecked is still not repaired. we live in a day and age where not many people can afford 2 vechiles. the wrecked vechile is a hazzard to drive, but this is all we have to get us to work. we dont expect nothing more but to get our truck repaired and safe to drive again. we have been getting the run around by allstate in beaumont texas since the accident. all i want is justice, mercy, appoligizy and a repaired truck to move on with our life. i am very discusted with the way your people are handling her claim. she is a good christian and a very honest person. she has been going through tough times trying to get her truck repaired in a timely manner.

debbie caithamer on ottobre 18th, 2010 at 14:54 #

I have had allstate for 40 years. It started in Illinois and I had the most wonderful agent. His name was Bill Ulhorn. He retired and I did not get that same wonderful customer service I did with Bill, but the service was ok. I moved to Florida and what a joke. My Insurance kept going up and up. I am 55 am was paying way to much. I kept getting told the pay increases were across the board but who are they kidding? Due to economic times I gave up my car and cancelled my insurance. I then got a bill for 2.05 for the one day of insurance I had prior to cancellation even tho the car was not driven as I was out of town. I think that 2.05 after 40 years with allstate is a SHAME. Lets just say if times change and I do get another car you can bet Allstate wont be my insurance.

David Schulman on dicembre 22nd, 2010 at 22:37 #

My vehicle was parked in front of my house when it was hit by a car that was covered by Allstate. As it turns out my car is also covered by Allstate.

Allstate is saying that they want to total my vehicle because the repairs exceeds “Book Value”. Allstate keeps refering to the value of my vehicle as an average book value, compared to the replacement value, and they seem to discredit, and suggest that since the car is 10 years old, that the condition and add-ons don’t affect the value because of the age.

I am very displeased that after 1 month I am still calling them (they don’t call me)asking them to re-evaluate. I feel like I am being “Strong Armed” and when I tell them I will take my business else where, they tell me that they “Do not like to be strong armed”.

What recourse do I have, when they are making me sell/give up my vehicle?

Dwaine Anderson on gennaio 3rd, 2011 at 21:26 #

After having Allstate handle my auto coverage for twenty years,they changed agents the new people came in and asked if I had home owners insurance. I told them that my home did not qulify because of the roof. I was told they never heard of such a thing and all I had to do was carry renters insurance for a year and they would fix me up. After the renters policy ended they inform me they can not insure my home because of the roof, and couldn’t understand why I would claim it was shady bussines practice. So I swiched my auto policy the company I switched to told me they never would have covered anything on the renters either because I own my home. HA not shady at all. To top it off they sent me and my work a notice saying they were canceling my auto payment due to failure to pay. If you have the agent in Vincennes In. watch your wallet.

patricia delury on gennaio 10th, 2011 at 17:47 #

customer service spot in a condesending manner. when I initially called I asked for the
office manager. when I asked her name
she said she gave it to me already, she did not. I’m glad I’m not dealing with your company any longer.

Lisa on aprile 9th, 2011 at 06:34 #

On Feb. 12, 2011 we bought a new car. It is nice so of course with car payments comes insurance coverage. We had Travelers and all in all they collected our money monthly with no complaints. We had them for a long while. Nice folks I suppose never spoke to them much. When it came time to add this new car their insurance was just a bit pricey so we decided to check out the internet for a new company. AllState seemed to be the folks to go with. $301. down for three cars and $160. a month. That sounds great so we signed up. MISTAKE!!!!!! From Feb. 15 till today April 9, 2011 it has been a night mare. NOT HORSE MARE either. The price we were quoted wasn’t exactly right. My husband had gone through all the In’s and outs of what he wanted and it was clear on both sides. Yes it would be $301. down with $160 a month. After happily sending off the $301. and them receiving it we found out well there wasn’t uninsured motorist on there after all. They would have to up the cost just a bit. $73. dollars a month to be exact. Now there is the paperwork that not even the insurance agents can tell you what it says. But they do their best and get you to sign, and you do, just so they can make this all legal to add to your policy. Now they send out more paperwork to get you to sign with the stipulation that if not returned in 7 yes seven days they will add more to your policy because it was late. And you guessed it the paperwork doesn’t arrive at your home till the day it is to be back in their office. So up the policy goes. You try like crazy to talk since, or cents into these people but it doesn’t work. They say they are sorry and continue with their practices. You remember the $160. a month payment, well don’t open that bill or you will faint or they will hear you yell from where ever it came from. That $160. magically went to $353.
The explanation. Oh we forgot to tell you it would be for 2 months. Well 160 +160 doesn’t add up to 353. So what is the rest for. Well we don’t know. Oh I forgot there is a $5. service charge on the $160. We canceled this out rages insurance company then got a $41.77 outstanding bill. Remember you have only had this company for 46 days. You paid them $301. for the first and last months bill. Now you have an outstanding bill? When you call they will try to get the last four numbers of your social, your drivers license number, your address, and your phone number. For all of you out there that have All State I wonder about being in Those Good Hands. Oh by the way that $301. down and $160 a month well I was told today April 9, 2011 that was just an estimate.

Sanja on aprile 13th, 2011 at 04:19 #

customer service spot in a condesending manner. when I initially called I asked for the basic information (did not need any confidential info) I spoke with “Melisa” time of call 9:45PM 04/12/2011 …In all my personal expirience – I have never, never come accross more arogant and unprofesional customer representative …It is shame that Allstate will employ person like “melisa” I hope someone will pay attention to this post and consider training on Allstate customer support phone line.This call could end up nicely – Melisa to provide me with instrctions that I needed -hopefully someone will give me requested info …my e-mail is available – looking forward to here from You… I’m glad I’m not dealing with your company any longer

Aaron Pryor on aprile 23rd, 2011 at 19:58 #

In Texas, we have the Texas Board of Insurance, and I am sure most other states have a similiar office. Sometimes they can light a fire under the ridiculous insurance company positions and get them to treat you fairly. Remember though, that insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims, it is about collecting premuims. Good luck.

Jason Yeadon on maggio 18th, 2011 at 01:07 #

Lets start with YOUR NOT IN GOOD HANDS!!!!!!! I found i was over charged for a whole year totaling 2500 dollars got the money back over4 months then 3 months later my wife backed into my truck. WAS I COVERED ?GREAT QUESTION the people at allstate dont know they say yes twice set app to get truck looked at took off work to do this im covered they write me a check then at the end of the day the call my wife to say im not covered and cancle the check i call them and still get two differnt answers they dont know or care IM NOT A SHAREHOLDER IM A PEON TO ALLSTATE IM 32 YEARS OLD AND WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH ALLSTATE A LONG TIME NOT ANYMORE IM GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE

Retta Maizon on settembre 18th, 2012 at 23:37 #

I have homeowners insurance thru Allstate. The payments are included in my house payment .
In May or June of this year I received a letter from my Mortgage company stating that my house payment was going up to 1,800.00 due to the increase in my homeowners insurance.My payment has been $900.00 . I called my insurance rep who looked into it and said I had had an increase due to the fire protection but it was only $1,888.29 .So I felt relieved and felt the problem was solved. We went to make an on line house payment for July and it wouldn’t accept it. So I contacted my house people and they said they had noted the change but…In 2011 they had paid Allstate $5,258.20 from my escrow and I would have to make that up by paying a higher payment which now would be $1,300.00.I have checked with many of my neighbors and none had big increases in their rates due to fire protection.
I have no way of getting this money returned to my account .My local agent has tried and has not been able to get anything done. They did realize they over charged for 2012 .Even if the better fire rating did lower it this year it would not have been that high . They owe me at least 3000.00 .
here’s my recent years rates.
2008 $1,434.80
2009 $1,524.90
2010 $1,538.20
2011 $5,258.20
2012 was $5,258.20
After I called them they said it was a mistake and it’s now $1,888.29 .If I had of know they did the same thing last year I would have called them .I would have had the option to change insurance companies. Not find out after the fact that they took my money from my account.
When I filed taxes last year I didn’t list that I had paid that big amount I just claimed the last years amount. That’s because I had no idea it had happened.
We are an average family stuck in this problem that has drained our savings by making this bigger payment which I wasn’t able to do all of the increase so I’m now haunted by the threat of forcloser . On Saturday 2 weeks ago a man knocked on our door for the task of seeing if we lived in the home. He was sent by the mortgage company .I’m sick with grief . Worried does not begin to describe what I’m going thru . If you can’t help tell me who can.I have contacted the state insurance office a week ago.
I have a son whose a senior this year and we should be so joyful and all we can do is wait to see if we still can keep our home. The mortgage company is calling daily.I don’t know what to do. If I had money for a lawyer I guess I could do that but I feel a crime had been done to me.
I have been in these good hands since 1987..I pray this ends soon.

Paul Christensen on marzo 19th, 2013 at 23:14 #

I have a claim concerning my motor home. I have never had such a run around in dealings with this kind.. You have adjusters who don’t know what they are looking at and it is a nightmare trying to get help from my agent or anyone else. They are all sympathetic but give no answers other than trying to get out of payment. They have not honored their policy and just continue to pass me on to someone else, it has been 2 months now and I can’t even get my agent to return my or the shops calls. I have been with them 10 years or more and have everything insured through them. I have no confidence in any of my policies. Time to start looking elsewhere for real insurance not just a promise…….

William Lawrence on aprile 16th, 2013 at 17:43 #

Who is responsible for changing the automated phone pay service for the CA earthquake policies? It used to be very simple and efficient. It is now neither. It’s cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating. It does NOT respond properly to either voice or keypad input until several attempts have taken place. It’s also VERY dumbed-down. Insulting actually. Please fix it, as I’m going back to paper billing.

Aaron Pryor on aprile 16th, 2013 at 19:45 #

I live in Texas. I have a wood shake roof,very expensive to replace. Allstate was my homeowners insurance payee for approximately 17 consecutive years. This area has hail storms frequently. 4 houses on my street had their roofs replaced for hail damage, one house next door to me.(approx 35 feet of separation) When I contacted Allstate,their initial inspection indicated that my roof was a bit worn but,otherwise fine. I got a second opinion that disagreed with Allstate. Allstate then sent an “impartial” inspector to adjudicate the disagreement. When the adjudicator left he agreed that my roof was severly damaged and needed to be replaced. After he debriefed the Allstate agent, I was sent a letter stating that there evidence of “foot traffic” on the roof and that was not covered under the policy. (foot traffic evidently caused by the 3 previous inspections) Several months later, they sent me a survery asking why I switched after so many years. I replied that I needed an “insurance company”!

Brenda Orebaugh on giugno 20th, 2013 at 17:14 #

I live in Texas and am going through pure un satisfaction with the Allstate “You are in Good Hands ” people. I have a small pier and beam house and had a leak evidently caused by a plumbing company that did some work in January of this year 2013. The leak had been happening a few months before I knew there was a problem. As soon as I discovered the problem I called the plumbing company they sent out a plumber and fixed the leak. Cool . Well the damage had already been done to my house with the floor boards which was by the way real wood floors put in when the house was built in 1954.. But I had covered them up with carpet. 3 days after the leak had been repaired I called Allstate reported the problem right away they said to call the plumber it was their problem because Allstate wouldn’t cover it. End of conversation. Called the plumbing company they sent out a plumber looked under my house and took responsibility right away within 2 hrs I had water restoration people out investigating and saying my house was in real bad shape and needed all floors taken up and house dried out. This really scared me. Out came a POD to take all my furniture out and store and I was sent to a motel .
Plumbers insurance investigated but needs cooperation from my insurance well I had to make a claim which Allstate wasn’t happy about. So they sent this insurance adjuster out 2 weeks later with nothing but pad and pen and 2 restoration men to check out under the floor to take pictures. Right away she claims the walls that were wet and had dents in them was from the people that moved my furniture out. The bathroom wall had mildew from either wallpaper or insufficient ventilation and not by the leak. I got so upset with this person I ask her to leave my house. Called my agent ask them to please send out another person that knew what they were doing. Well they didn’t its now been 4 weeks me in this motel with my 2 cats and 1 dog and my insurance is still not doing a thing. After this is over you can bet I won’t be with this company again. Never thought insurance companies could treat people like this. Yes they are glad to take your premiums but don’t have a problem. You will be sorry. By the way plumbers insurance finally said we will take care of it because the Allstate people didn’t want to work with them either.

Aaron Pryor on giugno 20th, 2013 at 19:21 #

Ms Orebaugh, you are not alone. I think the reason that Allstate and companies like them are still in business is the power of money, and the fact that there are no consistent and focused complaints. Note my post of April 16, 2013. You would be wise to involve the Texas Board of Insurance (or lawyers)in your claim. Allstate will eventually pay, but only after they have exhausted all other options. Good luck!

David Huckstep on agosto 21st, 2013 at 17:04 #

I recently had my homeowners insurance thru an affiliation with Geico cancelled because the affiliation dissolved. I was quoted $875.00 for the policy. When I got the first bill it almost doubled. That was bad enough. A month later I received a cancellation notice because they said my roof was bad and the front step bricks were crumbling. Just received an estimate on my roof. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY ROOF!!!The front steps are not even used because I put in a new walkway, eliminating the need for the steps at all. They never even gave me the chance to correct any of the (fictitious)issues.Oh and the commercial that says clients with no claims are rewarded…what a crock of you know what. This is a horrible company…stay far far away from these crooks!! Per a Realtor friend,several changes in homeowners insurance will raise a red flag…and rates.A******s!

Trisha on ottobre 29th, 2013 at 14:49 #

Very rude service when calling with a couple questions about car seat replacement after a collision. I had a couple simple yes or no questions and the phone operator Pat was very rude to me. Still prefer AAA any day!

Norma Lohr on dicembre 1st, 2016 at 19:48 #

Boy doesn’t sound too promising being with Allstate. I am a new customer and already my car rate went up. Oh my!!

Robert Lee Nelson on gennaio 7th, 2017 at 21:34 #

Why can’t I access my account information?? When I try to sign in to get the account info it poses a question that I did not give an answer to when I set up the account and denies me access. I get a circular trail that does not lead anywhere.

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